About Us

Razortooth Records was established around the advancement of the artist. Razortooth offers many of the services an artist needs to thrive, allowing them more time to develop their music.

Many artists would argue that creative control, as well as retaining the rights to their music is most important to them. This is a key principle that Razortooth Records is built upon. When an artist releases their music with Razortooth, they retain exclusive control and rights to their music. After all, it is their music right?

Some services Razortooth Records specializes in include: distribution, promotion, marketing, management, graphic design, tour management, merchandising, and booking. In addition, RTR is affiliated with many other businesses to fulfill about any need our bands could have. Contact us at submissions@razortoothrecords.com for more details.

Razortooth Records has proudly partnered with:
Dark Matter Relations
Stryker Studios
Steimle Audio Mastering
Dreamscape Studios
Killroom Productions