The Compilation Your Mother Warned You About is a recurring compilation filled with with original songs from up-and-coming metal bands from around the world. Bands in the Razortooth family as well as unsigned bands alike will be featured.

If you know a metal band that you think should be featured on our next compilation, email us at!

Volume 1 Tracklist:
1. Aurora – “Apparitions”
2. Taken In Vain – “Bed of Lies”
3. Unbibium – “The Coming of Gozer”
4. Roses of Humanity – “Monster Like Me”
5. Advance on Thermopylae – “Which One of You Stole My F#%$ing Bagel?”
6. Conqueror – “Megan”
7. The Face of Beauty – “Run or Hide”
8. Blackgate – “I Am the Night”
9. Under the Combine – “C.O.P.B.”
10. Houdini Logic – “Progress”
11. Metanoia – “Necromantic Incantation”
12. An Ocean Wide – “Seasons Change”
13. Sins of Apathy – “Down Without a Sound”
14. Overcome Silence – “My Admission”
15. Field Gray – “Machine Hearts & Machine Minds”
16. Onyx Eye – “Medusa’s Vanity”
17. Fortunate Me – “The Fudrucking Problem”
18. Tragedy Amongst the Stars – “Heart/Beat ft. Justin Kyle of Jamie’s Elsewhere”

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