Aurora is a five piece metalcore act hailing from Cleveland, OH. Formed in January of 2014, they started writing immediately while wasting no time. The band went through a few member changes, but as of late July of 2014 the official lineup was complete. The band is comprised of Aaron Johnson (vocals), Anthony Kelbacher (lead guitar), Danny Treichel (rhythm guitar), Colin Brady (bass), and Alexis Shook (drums).

In seemingly no time, they started writing their debut EP titled Recurrence. The EP was released on December 2, 2014 via Razortooth Records, and hit all major online retailers January 9, 2015. All during the writing process, and even after the release, they were busy playing shows while getting their name out to the public.

Aurora doesn’t plan on stopping any soon. They plan to keep writing, and preparing for their full-length record, which has yet to be announced. Keep an eye for them, because the road doesn’t end here.